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Everywhere, Twice - and other poems

Everywhere, Twice - and other poems (2020) is about ownership and belonging, in praise of slowness and in celebration of selfhood. These poems strip personal experiences back to their most sensual ingredients.

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Cultural writings straight to your inbox, for readers who may or may not want answers.

Collected ideas on work, society, and community.

FvF Cooks with Thai and Techno: Part One and Part Two, Friends of Friends

FvF Cooks with Restaurant Ross, Friends of Friends


Blacker than Black — projekt_k40 and KSBP, an artistic collaboration that plays with perception.

Writing Her Own Destiny — Gianna Shamone's journey to becoming a poet

The Life of a Jazz Legend and Auschwitz Survivor — Coco Schumann's remarkable story of how music kept him going

Classic Film: Wings of Desire — Wim Wenders' soaring vision 30 years on

Pondering Infinity — John Kameel Farah's Spiritual Sound

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